**** Reminder: School closes at 2 p.m. this Friday 21st December 2018. Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. ****
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Year 6 Mrs Nolan

Welcome back after the Summer holidays. We all hope you had a great Summer and are ready for the final year of Primary school! This will be the final year our Year 6 pupils will be with us and we aim to ensure that all the children continue to achieve their potential in Year 6 through growing their brains, making beautiful oopses and seeing wobbles as a positive way to learn from. As the oldest children at the Firs Primary, this is an important year for them and I hope they all enjoy the year and work hard in achieving their potential to become strong independent learners. Remember... practise makes MORE perfect!


This term we are focusing on the Victorian period and what life was like living in Victorian England. There are many interesting facts to discover and learn about and children will be asked to engage in personal research projects later in the term, such as: child workers, technological advancements or crime and punishment!


It is important they build on solid foundations from previous years and work hard to help prepare themselves for life at high school. It will be extremely helpful if you are able to continue to support your child at home by continually monitoring reading and progress with any home learning tasks, such as spelling.


Make sure you follow @firsprimarysale and search @Year6JN to keep track on all the fun activites and interesting work we produce each week!


I will be in contact with any specific dates and details of any up and coming events but please do not hesitate to come in and talk to me about anything relating to school life.


Many Thanks

Mrs. Nolan, Mr. K Pasdari and Mrs. Gilbert

Mindset Movie Trailer- Class JN

Here is a copy of the Year 6 expectations - this covers what children will be learning throughout the year in Reading, Writing and Maths.

Here is a copy of the new Numeracy Framework for Y6 to help you understand what your child will be learning and when.