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Reception 1 Miss Curbishley

Hello and welcome to Reception 1's page!

Hello everybody,


I hope you're all having lots of fun at home and keeping nice and safe! 

I love seeing all the brilliant activities you are getting up to at home, so keep uploading your pictures onto EExAT and I can then share them on here for all of your friends to see. 

I know it's a little strange working at home but you're all doing a fab job... we have also created some videos below which we hope you enjoy.

Miss you all lots.

Miss Curbishley x


P.S. PARENTS/CARERS, this is something completely new for all of us but I just want to say that you are doing an amazing job. Do what you can and what works for your family; have fun and try to do a little learning but most of all cherish the time you have together and make lovely memories. Below are some ideas and website links which you may find useful. 

If you need anything, don't hesitate to get in touch. smiley




Coming back to school in a bubble!


This book (below) should help you to explain what it is going to be like when your child comes back to school. It is a child friendly way to discuss the new routine and expectations. You will also be receiving an email with a picture of how the classroom looks now and the staff who will be in your child's bubble. Bubble leaders will be calling you a couple of days before your child is due to come back to school so they can answer any questions you may have. 

Miss Curbishley's Toilet Roll Challenge

Having spent lots of time at home over the past few weeks, I'm sure you are always looking for new ideas / activities each day to keep you busy! 

My challenge to you is to find as many creative ways to use empty toilet rolls as you can and post them onto EExAT! 

3...2...1... ROLL!

Twinkl -   Password - UKTWINKLHELPS

(This has all areas of the curriculum from EYFS- Year 6)

Reception 1 Class Meet

Thank you to those who have managed to join our class video calls, it was so much fun seeing all your smiling faces and hearing all about what you have been getting up to at home! 

Here are some pictures below of when you got to see your friends... we also threw some poses in there wink

I particularly enjoyed the 'Curbishley Class Quiz' and our Bedtime Story!

Our YouTube Channel - Firs Primary EYFS


All of our videos are now available on our YouTube channel. You can search 'Firs Primary EYFS' or click this link to find them.


Keep checking it for new videos smiley

Home Distance Learning Week 15

Home Distance Learning Week 10

Home Distance Learning Week 9

Home Distance Learning Week 6

Home Distance Learning Week 5

Home Distance Learning Week 4

Home Distance Learning- Week 2
Home Distance Learning- Week 1

Go-To Art Activities

Here are a range of fun Art activities that you can try out at home! 

Reception Distance Home Learning


I have put together a list of websites, videos and social media accounts to use whilst your child is learning from home. I will be adding specific tasks daily so look out for 'Miss Curbishley's Daily Challenge' which will be coming soon. I understand that this is a difficult time but hopefully these ideas will continue learning at home in a fun (and easy) way. 


  • Bug Club - it is extremely important to continue reading daily with your children.


  • Phonics Play. There are games to choose from. Phase 2, 3 and 4 will be suitable for Reception. username:march20 password:home


  • YouTube videos to watch are Phonics – Tricky Words 2 Phonics – Tricky Words 3 ABC Rap Maths – Counting Back Maths – Adding Maths – 3D Shapes


  • CBeeBies have some great programs which will help children learn in a fun way Science and Investigation Phonics and Reading Being Creative with junk Geography and new places


  • YouTube has many Just Dance and Cosmic Kids videos which is a fun way to keep your children moving.


  • Topmarks website has lots of fun games to play to help number recognition, number ordering, measure, counting etc. Don’t forget to ask your child “How do you know that?” this will help them to use their maths knowledge in a different way.


  • Abcdoes has some fantastic ideas on how keep your children engaged and learning whilst at home. All of the ideas have come from Early Years staff and should be able to be done with things around the home.


  • Follow pages on Facebook and Instagram as these will give you more ideas…Play Hooray, Five Minute Mum, ABCDoes.


  • Follow ‘tuff tray ideas’ on Facebook for inspiration on different fun and exciting set ups. Please can we stress it does not have to be set up in a tuff tray. A kitchen tray will suffice or just the floor if it is not messy.


I will be putting more advice about how to structure your day, activities and challenges in the next few days.


Thank you for you understanding and support,

Miss Curbishley


Still image for this video

Hello and welcome to our class page.


WOW! What a great half term so far! 


The children have been so busy challenging themselves and growing their brains.

There are plenty of pictures for you to look at below, showing just how busy we have been!


We hope that the children are enjoying their home reading books. Please read every night and bring their reading folders into school each day. We will change books every Tuesday. Please remember to login on Bug Club and read even more books online. 


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to come and speak to a member of the Reception team.


Miss Curbishley and Mrs Dixon smiley

Science Week - The Mole Who Knew That It Was None Of His Business


The children had lots of fun this week reading this story all about POO...yes poo! The Mole needed our help to get revenge on Basil the dog. We needed to test which animals poo would make the most mess. We predicted, tested, discussed the results and came to a conclusion. The cow poo (chocolate mousse) made the most mess. Have a look at what we did...

World Book Day


Reception have thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as a word for World Book Day, we had to show our costumes off in a fashion show to start the day!

We completed various fun activities throughout the day including a Quiz, Assembly and we even got to read stories with some grown up year 3 children!

What do you think of our costumes?

Design and Technology Day - Build a boat for Moana


When we arrived in school today we discovered a message in a bottle. It was from Moana. She needed our help! Her boat had broken and it was up to us to build her a new one. Moana sent us some resources that she had found in the ocean. We looked at books and used the internet to discover what makes a good boat. We then wrote a list to remind us what a good boat looks like.

After that we worked in teams to plan, design and build a new boat for Moana. We had to share our ideas and listen to the ideas of others; it wasn’t always easy. Finally the boats were ready to be tested…some had more success than others!

Mathania Challenge!


Reception took part in a Maths challenge to save Mathania!

We worked in teams to complete a range of challenges which involved problem-solving and team work in order to follow patterns, recognise numerals, add/subtract numbers and talk about  shapes!

Chinese New Year!


Our Magic Carpet has taken us from England to France and to Africa... and now we have landed in China!

Reception loved learning all about China through the story of Mulan, exploring traditions and celebrations. We used clay to sculpt our own Terracotta Warriors and we even got to try Chinese food!

The Lion King


Following on from France, this week Reception explored Africa through the story of The Lion King.

We thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Africa and it's similarities and differences to both England and France... we were particularly interested in African food (we got to try some juicy fruit!) as well as African animals, making our own collages... what do you think?

Beauty and the Beast


Reception have really enjoyed exploring France through the story of 'Beauty and the Beast'.

We learnt all about French food and even made our very own Pan Au Chocolat... it was delicious!

We took on the challenge of making a feast fit for a beast by using our knowledge of rhyme and even used our sound knowledge to write our own sentences. What do you think?

Silly Symmetry


Today we discovered that symmetry means 'the same on both sides'. Miss Curbishley showed us this amazing app on her ipad that makes our faces the same on both sides, but we decided to make our faces look a little silly at the same time. What do you think?

EYFS Movie Night!


We enjoyed getting changed into our pyjamas to watch a film of our choice! We also met a special someone...

Christmas Extravaganza


We had a busy day, using our craft skills to complete lots of Christmas activities! These included:

Creating Salt Dough decorations

Designing and decorating Gingerbread men

Creating Christmas cards

Making Reindeer Food

Reading stories with a hot chocolate!

Our Christmas Show!

Reception and Nursery worked so hard on our Christmas show and we loved every last minute, we hope you did too!

Here are some of our pictures...

Commando Joes!


Our classroom had transformed into the Amazon Rainforest.

We explored the different animals and scenery around us as we travelled on our boat over the river, just like the explorers did many years ago. 

Suddenly, our boat CRASHED! 

We had limited resources to build a new boat.

We used our teamwork skills, our listening skills and our imagination!

What do you think of our boats? 

Remembrance Day!

Reception have been talking about poppies and Remembrance day. 

The children showed sensitivity and understanding which is shown through the pictures they created through printing various everyday objects. 

Bonfire Night!


A week of sparkle and glitter as we prepare for Bonfire Night! 

The children all loved watching the firework show using the projector! The children used their phonics to sound talk and then blend the firework noises!

We also enjoyed creating our own firework pictures using a variety of materials and even practising our letter formation using glitter and glow sticks! 

What a busy week of learning!

Pirate Day!


Last week, Reception thoroughly enjoyed Pirate Day- we got to dress as Pirates and had a visit from Captain DanTastic! We learnt lots of new information about Pirates. 

We also went on a treasure hunt, following the clues until we found the buried treasure!

The Rainbow Fish

Last week, Reception 1 enjoyed exploring 'The Rainbow Fish'. We tried our best to recall and sequence the story, as well as decorating our very own Rainbow Fish using a variety of materials. 

Our First Day!


What a busy morning! We enjoyed exploring our new classroom and making new friends. We also made a  Reception Wish- something we would like to learn in Reception and we watched the flower grow, just like our brains will.


Here are some pictures of other Supertato activities we have been enjoying in school over the last couple of weeks too. We have been so busy and have loved this topic!

Phonics - How to say the sounds

This video shows you how to say the 44 sounds that children learn in Reception. It also explains some of the language that the children will use when learning phonics.

How to say the sounds just like us!


The order of the sounds in the video are as follows...


s a t p i n d m g o c k ck e u r h b f ff l ll le ss

Still image for this video


Parents Guide to the Early Years