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Reception 2 Mrs Pentith

Hello and welcome to Reception 2’s page!

Hi Boys and Girls,


I hope you are all having fun at home and doing lots of learning. I have really enjoyed chatting with you all on the phone or on Zoom, especially snuggled up for a bed time story. I also wanted to say that I love seeing all of your pictures on EExAT so please keep sending them to me. We have some more videos on our YouTube channel so why not ask a grown up to show you them. 

Miss you all lots. Mrs Pentith smiley x


Mums, Dads and Carers,


I have been sending an email each week with a plan of suggested activities that you could do, which I hope you are finding useful (all of the plans are below). Myself, Miss Curbishley and Miss Thomson have been busy making videos on YouTube so the children can see our faces and either hear or story or make something along side us. The link below will take you to our YouTube channel. If you keep scrolling down you will see pictures to share with your child and lots of websites to help with home learning.


I have sent everyone an email regarding phonics and what you can do to support your child. If you are unsure or need any more advice, please email me. 


This is a new experience and a learning curve for us all and I just want to say that you are doing a great job. Do what works for your family; have fun and try and do a little learning but most of all cherish the time you have together and make lovely memories. 


Please get in touch if there is anything I can do to help.


Mrs Pentith 

Coming back to school in a bubble!


This book (below) should help you to explain what it is going to be like when your child comes back to school. It is a child friendly way to discuss the new routine and expectations. You will also be receiving an email with a picture of how the classroom looks now and the staff who will be in your child's bubble. Bubble leaders will be calling you a couple of days before your child is due to come back to school so they can answer any questions you may have. 

Mrs Pentith's Obstacle Challenge

Can you create an obstacle course at home? It can be inside or outside and be as long or short as you like. I would like to see how creative you can be whilst at the same time, exercising your body. Remember to have fun and be safe. When you have completed it ask a grown up to video you and upload it to EExAT. 

Have a look at Emma's to give you some ideas. smiley

Emma's Obstacle Course

Still image for this video

Zoom Chats


Thanks to everyone who managed to Zoom with us. The meetings were a great success and lots of fun. We loved seeing your smiling faces! I will send an email soon about a bedtime story Zoom and our Party Zoom. Have s look at some of the pictures below...

Our YouTube Channel - Firs Primary EYFS


All of our videos are now available on our YouTube channel. You can search 'Firs Primary EYFS' or click this link to find them.


Keep checking it for new videos smiley

Week 15 of Distance Learning

Week 10 of Distance Learning

Week 9 of Distance Learning

Week 8 of Distance Learning

Week 7 of Distance Learning

Week 6 of Distance Learning

Week 5 of Distance Learning

Week 3 of Distance Learning

Week 2 of Distance Learning

Week 1 of Distance Learning

Go-To Art Activities

Here are a range of fun Art activities that you can try out at home! 

Reception Distance Home Learning


I have put together a list of websites, videos and social media accounts to use whilst your child is learning from home. I will be adding specific tasks daily so look out for 'Mrs Pentith's Daily Challenge' which will be coming soon. I understand that this is a difficult time but hopefully these ideas will continue learning at home in a fun (and easy) way. 


  • Bug Club - it is extremely important to continue reading daily with your children.


  • Phonics Play. There are games to choose from. Phase 2, 3 and 4 will be suitable for Reception. username:march20 password:home


  • YouTube videos to watch are Phonics – Tricky Words 2 Phonics – Tricky Words 3 ABC Rap Maths – Counting Back Maths – Adding Maths – 3D Shapes


  • CBeeBies have some great programs which will help children learn in a fun way Science and Investigation Phonics and Reading Being Creative with junk Geography and new places


  • YouTube has many Just Dance and Cosmic Kids videos which is a fun way to keep your children moving.


  • Topmarks website has lots of fun games to play to help number recognition, number ordering, measure, counting etc. Don’t forget to ask your child “How do you know that?” this will help them to use their maths knowledge in a different way.


  • Abcdoes has some fantastic ideas on how keep your children engaged and learning whilst at home. All of the ideas have come from Early Years staff and should be able to be done with things around the home.


  • Follow pages on Facebook and Instagram as these will give you more ideas…Play Hooray, Five Minute Mum, ABCDoes.


  • Follow ‘tuff tray ideas’ on Facebook for inspiration on different fun and exciting set ups. Please can we stress it does not have to be set up in a tuff tray. A kitchen tray will suffice or just the floor if it is not messy.


I will be putting more advice about how to structure your day, activities and challenges in the next few days.


Thank you for you understanding and support,

Mrs Pentith

Growth Mindset Video


As a school, we have been working hard to help the children understand that if they work hard they can achieve their dreams. This belief starts with us in Early Years. People may look at Reception as “playing” but it is so much more than that. Every day children learn new skills which will aid them throughout school and beyond. We learn to keep trying, to change our methods, to compromise and to have pride in our achievements. 


This video ... starring our very own Reception children ... shows how we can choose our learning and choose our tomorrow! We hope you enjoy it.  


Still image for this video

Science Week - The Mole Who Knew That It Was None Of His Business


The children had lots of fun this week reading this story all about POO...yes poo! The Mole needed our help to get revenge on Basil the dog. We needed to test which animals poo would make the most mess. We predicted, tested, discussed the results and came to a conclusion. The cow poo (chocolate mousse) made the most mess. Have a look at what we did...

World Book Day 


The children looked fantastic as they came dressed as a word. We had lots of fun saying each word and finding out what it meant. Have a look at the brilliant pictures and thank you again for all of your time and effort. 

Design and Technology Day - Build a boat for Moana


When we arrived in school today we discovered a message in a bottle. It was from Moana. She needed our help! Her boat had broken and it was up to us to build her a new one. Moana sent us some resources that she had found in the ocean. We looked at books and used the internet to discover what makes a good boat. We then wrote a list to remind us what a good boat looks like.

After that we worked in teams to plan, design and build a new boat for Moana. We had to share our ideas and listen to the ideas of others; it wasn’t always easy. Finally the boats were ready to be tested…some had more success than others!

Silly Symmetry


Today we learnt that symmetry means 'the same on both sides'. Mrs Pentith showed us this amazing app on her iPad that makes our faces the same on both sides, but we decided to make our faces look a little silly at the same time. What do you think?

Christmas Festivities! 

History Day

The whole school discovered something about the past and put our skills to the test. We saw a picture of a mystery man and we had to ask questions and do some research to find out who he was. After a while we realised that it was Walt Disney! We then talked about why he was such an important man. Then we made new cartoon characters from clay, created story maps to turn into cartoons, made flip books and even sketched some of our favourite Disney characters. 
Meanwhile, Miss Curbishley’s class were learning about new and old we snuck in to take a look! 

Commando Joes!

We came into the classroom and we had been transported deep into the Amazon Rainforest. As we explored, a thunderstorm began and our boat crashed! We only had a few things to build a new boat. It would take teamwork, imagination and lots of listening skills. What do you think of our boats? 

Celebrations and Special Days!


In the last few weeks there have been so many celebrations that the children in our class have taken part in; Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali and Remembrance Day. The children have enjoyed talking about the different ways in which their families celebrate and learning that not everyone celebrates in the same way. 

Patterns, patterns everywhere!


This week we have been learning about patterns. We looked at how to describe patterns in nature such as a wavy sea, a spiral shell or a stripy tiger. We then started making repeating patterns. The children were challenged to grow their brains and make a pattern wherever and however they wanted. As you can see they all expressed themselves in different ways... 

Our Five Senses


Mr Potato Head has been helping us to learn about our five senses. Some of his body parts kept falling off which meant that he couldn't see, hear, smell, touch or taste. We loved making our own potato heads from play dough and creating silly faces with the Mr Potato Head cushion. 


Then something strange happened; Emperor Zurg kidnapped Mr Potato Head! Woody and the gang sent us clues so that we could find him. We had to use all of our senses to solve the mystery. It was tricky but we eventually found him. We decided to make posters to tell Zurg to 'go away' and that 'we won'. We had so much fun and learnt lots at the same time. 

Odd Socks


We read a book called ‘Odd Socks’ which is all about socks that get a hole in. The children suggested that we could “craft with them” we did! 

Our First Day


What a busy first day! We made new friends, explored the classroom and even had time for magic playdoh!

Phonics - How to say the sounds

This video tells you how to say all of the 44 sounds that children in Reception will learn. Its also explains some of the language that children will be using when learning phonics.

How to say the sounds just like us!


The order of the sounds in the video are as follows...


s a t p i n d m g o c k ck e u r h b f ff l ll le ss

Still image for this video

Phonics and Reading Meeting 2019-2020

Parents Guide to the Early Years