*** A reminder that School breaks up on Thursday 26th May 2022 at normal pick up times *** After School Clubs - all children are to be collected from from the KS2 playground, via the KS2 entrance gate ***
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Remote Learning

Zoom Video Calls

Some of our lessons are delivered using Zoom Video Calls.  To access the sessions, you will be sent a link, usually within an email.  Clicking the link should give you direct access to the live session. 


If you do not have the link, you can join by navigating to Zoom using the url and clicking 'JOIN A MEETING'.  You then have to enter the unique Meeting ID and password.  An example of what these look like is:

Meeting ID:   966 6868 5271

Password:      Jk8a5f


Basic functions

Once logged on to a call, there are 4 basic important functions you should know.

1. Mute- There is a symbol (usually in the bottom left) that looks like an acorn.  To silence your audio, press this and a red line will appear through it.  To talk (and unmute) press it again.  The person running the meeting may do this on your behalf.

2. Start/ Stop Video- There is a video camera symbol which starts and stops your webcam picture.

3. Chat- This function has a speech bubble symbol.  You can press this and type a message to the host of the meeting or to everyone within the meeting.

4. Leave Meeting- At the end of a lesson, you should click this tab.  Once the host leaves, the meeting will end for everyone anyway.


Google Classroom

Below you will find a series of 'how to' videos.  Amongst other things, this will show you how to log in, join a classroom, join a Google Meet Video Call, access a class stream and submit work.

Accessing Google Classroom

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How to view and post work on Google Classroom

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How to use Google Meet

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Frequently Asked IT Questions


Google Classroom is a bit 'glitchy' on my iPad- any idea why?  

Google Classroom can be temperamental depending on which operating system you have installed. The advice is to install the Google Classroom App through the App store.  It works much better through that regardless of the iOS.

My Google Classroom password isn't working?

Passwords have been automatically generated and are hard to type. They are case sensitive and need to typed exactly.  Unless you have requested a password reset, they should what the teacher has given you. If you are having issues, please contact the school office or the class teacher directly.

Bug Club doesn't work on my iPad?

If you use safari or other browser to try and access Bug Club, it will say that your password is incorrect.  It is not but to use Bug Club on an iPad or iPhone, you need to install the Google Chrome App.  You can then search and login to Bug Club through the App as normal.