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Well-being at the Firs

Here at the Firs Primary School we believe the emotional and mental health of our children is imperative. Therefore, we are embarking on a process for a Wellbeing Award for Schools. Aiming for this award does not mean it is one of our areas for development, but rather that we recognise the constant change of Wellbeing and want to improve further to support all of our staff, children and wider community here at The Firs.


There are key principles and objectives regarding emotional Wellbeing that we are going to be focusing on for this award;

  • We recognise that emotional wellbeing and mental health is a continuum and we are committed to providing strategies to help support staff, children and our community.
  • We are already dedicated to supporting and managing emotional issues on a daily basis but are aiming to find more successful ways to help manage any such issues that may arise.
  • We understand that emotional wellbeing is varied and can include resilience, character building, relationships and self-esteem. We are also aware that the terminology of ‘emotional wellbeing’ can be seen as frightening and unfortunately still receives negative views and comments. We are striving to make sure staff, children and the community feel comfortable and confident regarding this particular element and are equipped with strategies on dealing with sensitive issues.
  • We will continue to create a positive whole school approach focusing on wellbeing and promoting positive messages regarding our wellbeing.


We have been implementing many new strategies so far on our journey. The Early Years Foundation Stage have started a Mindset Monday, talking about different strategies and vocabulary to keep our brains healthy and happy. They take a different element each week discuss through stories, activities and yoga. Key Stage 1 have implemented a mood peg system, where children can confidentially move a chosen picture if they feel upset or worried. Both Key Stage 1 and 2 have devised clubs to support children in making new friends and building up their self-esteem. The Wellbeing Team have undertaken many discussions on ways to promote staff and people in the community’s wellbeing and we have had some fantastic suggestions from parents as well.

The staff, children and parents have undertaken completing questionnaires to allow the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions on The Firs’ approach to wellbeing. Thank you to those who have completed these questionnaires. It helps us to build an insight on our areas of strength and equally as important provides us with our next steps for developing further.


Links to a number of external agencies are included within this web page.