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Wellbeing at the Firs

Here at the Firs Primary School we believe the emotional and mental health of our children is imperative. Therefore, this page is dedicated to the Wellbeing of our staff, pupils and community.


At the Firs, we have a lot of support in place that focuses on helping children to recognise and regulate their emotions. Every class and each playground has a regulation station. This is a safe, cosy space that the children can access when they are feeling unsettled. In the station they can take time to reflect and calm using fidget toys, emotion books and work through their emotions using the happy breathing techniques taught in school. Children can then access the school day again when they feel ready. Our staff are trained in how to support the children by taking to the children calmly and valuing their emotions, thoughts and worries. 
This may be something parents/carers may want to try at home. Try putting a cushion in a nice, quiet part of your home alongside books and fidget toys. Remember it is not used as a consequence but as a support tool to help children regulate their emotions with your help. If you would like further information on this, please ask your child's class teacher. 


We love our morning routine here at the Firs. It consists of a morning greeting; this may be a thumbs up, hug or high five. Then we move on to a unite activity, where together the children may take part in a dance or song. We then complete a breathing technique to enable us to start the day calmly and we explore the day ahead from a visual timetable. We also ensure a feeling check in is provided to see whether support is required before starting the day. 


Below are some lovely stories you can share with your children about worries:

  • The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright
  • The Don't Worry Book by Todd Parr
  • The Colour Monster by Anna Lllenas
  • Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman
  • The Huge Bag Of Worries by Virginia Ironside



Below are a list of activities that you can do together with your children to reduce worry:

  • Exercise; play in the garden or go for a walk together. Fresh air will help reduce worry.
  • Yoga; YouTube children's Yoga.
  • Cooking; decide on what you could all have for tea and make it together. 
  • Get comfy and read a book or watch a film together.
  • Mindfullness colouring. 
  • Run your child a nice, relaxing bath. 
  • Listen to some music or play an instrument





Breathing techniques