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Wellbeing at the Firs

Here at the Firs Primary School we believe the emotional and mental health of our children is imperative. Therefore, this page is dedicated to the Wellbeing of our staff, pupils and community.


Starting a new academic year can be quite worrying and we understand that this may be heightened due to the current Covid situation. Please rest assured as a school we are doing everything to help support you and your children with any worries you may be feeling.

We understand that your children may not have attended school for a great length of time, so we have added some top tips, activities and information on this page to hopefully help them feel more settled. 

If you do have any worries or concerns, please do let a member of staff know, we are happy to help in any way that we can.

We cannot wait to see you everybody back in September! 


Top Tip's for parents/carers on returning back to school:

  • It may help to gently start to get your children back into a school day routine. Maybe get up at an earlier time so it is not so much of an adjustment in September.
  • Share the information on this page with your children, this will hopefully help them feel more ready to come back to school if they know what is expected. 
  • Look at the positives; your children will now be able to come and see their friends, teachers, play games and take part in classroom fun. 
  • Talk with your children about how they are feeling. This is such an important tip! Your children will feel better if they can share their thoughts and feelings and know this is in confidence and taken seriously. Remind them it is a new time for all of us, and everybody is facing this together. 


Below are some lovely stories you can share with your children about worries:

  • The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright
  • The Don't Worry Book by Todd Parr
  • The Colour Monster by Anna Lllenas
  • Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman
  • The Huge Bag Of Worries by Virginia Ironside



Below are a list of activities that you can do together with your children to reduce worry:

  • Exercise; play in the garden or go for a walk together. Fresh air will help reduce worry.
  • Yoga; YouTube children's Yoga.
  • Cooking; decide on what you could all have for tea and make it together. 
  • Get comfy and read a book or watch a film together.
  • Mindfullness colouring. 
  • Run your child a nice, relaxing bath. 
  • Listen to some music or play an instrument





PowePoint to share with your children about starting back at school

These are some routines we have put in place at school