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Year 5 Mr Blake

Welcome back to #Year5JB


Summer term already!  I hope everyone is well rested and ready for the term ahead.  We have lots of learning to complete in all subjects and by continuing to work on growing our brains and developing new skills: I am confident we will all have a successful summer term.  Keep up to date with our class by following us on Twitter @firsprimarysale #Year5JB


I will attach our newsletter with full details below, but curriculum highlights this term include:


- Maths-


  • Multiply proper fractions and mixed numbers by whole numbers, supported by materials and diagrams.
  • Compare and order fractions whose denominators are all multiples of the same number.

Place Value and Written methods

  • Solve problems involving multiplication and division, including using their knowledge of factors and multiples, squares and cubes.
  • Solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and a combination of these, including understanding the meaning of the equals sign.
  • Practise being able to order and compare numbers to at least 1,000,000 and determine the value of each digit.
  • Solve number problems and practical problems that involve rounding, Roman numerals and negative numbers.

Measures, Geometry and Statistics

  • Convert between different units of metric measure.
  • Solve problems involving converting between units of time.
  • Estimate and identify angles around a point and on a straight line.
  • Identify, describe and represent the position of a shape following a reflection or translation.
  • Estimate volume and capacity.
  • Draw given angles, and measure them in degrees (°)


- English-


  • Report writing looking at form, style and content. Read a range of stories, exploring structure and language choice.
  • Exploring Greek Myths.
  • Using short (silent) films to expand vocabulary and encourage expression of emotions.
  • Creating a Film, TV or Play script.

Non Fiction

  • Creating a Newspaper article focusing on use of reported speech and detail of accounts.


  • Looking at Syllable poetry including Haikus and Tankas.
  • Looking at unusual tales with The Lost Thing.



Our topics this term are the Vikings and Earthquakes.  We will be doing all manner of exciting activities including learning about:

  • Mapping skills will be developed during this topic, including the use of a compass, with a particular focus on description of features of a map.  
  • Describing physical geography including: climate zones, biomes and earthquakes.
  • Comparing and contrasting time periods from the Viking age to modern day.
  • Study of historical events and the features of Viking villages.

- Science-

Our science topic this term is Animals including humans.  We will be involved in a range of thrilling activities including learning about:

  • Investigating the human timeline.
  • The growth of babies and gestation periods.
  • Changes in old age and life expectancy.
  • Researching a range of famous and influential scientists and inventors.


We expect children to read at home on a regular basis in year 5 and keep practising the rapid recall of their times tables up to 12x12. For the first half term each week, children will receive a piece of literacy home learning, a piece of maths home learning and fifteen spellings to learn. In the second half of the term, children will receive a home learning project to last the full half term as well as weekly spellings.  



Tuesday – Home learning should be returned to class completed. Spelling test completed in class.

Thursday – Reading records brought to school and new home learning will be set for the following week.

Friday – Children should arrive in school in full P.E. kits (yellow t-shirts, black shorts or tracksuit bottoms during poor weather and trainers or black pumps). Regular school uniform is not required on this day.


If there are changes to the weekly routine or there are any issues that arise, please let us know by contacting school either by phone or email - 


Thank you for your continued support

Mr Blake, Mr Tumilty, Mrs Reynolds-Smith & Miss Burrows

Our Classroom

Our Reading Area


As a school, we have been pushing a focus on reading for pleasure. It is very important for year 5 children to read regularly and read texts appropriate for them. In class we have our own bookcase and take part in a weekly reading for pleasure session where the children can choose to read in their own way! Children are also encouraged to share books they have been enjoying on our Recommendation Wall.

Brilliant Book List Year 5

Tatton Park 08.12.21

Our DT Projects


In Year 5 we have been expressing our creativity in termly DT projects. Below are some examples of the fantastic work the children have produced! Children are encouraged to work independently and to make mistakes and learn from them in evaluation.

Here is a copy of the new Numeracy Framework for Y5 to help you understand what your child will be learning and when.

Here is a copy of the Year 5 expectations - this covers what children will be learning throughout the year in Reading, Writing and Maths.

Handwriting Year 5

Mindfulness breathing by Miss Burrows