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Year 5 Mr Liddell

Hi year 5,


Mr Pasdari here!! I have created a video tour of our classroom for next year that I cannot wait to share with you. There is also a transition story which includes further information about next year. Hopefully this will help you in being able to see your new classroom that you will be walking into in September!


Have a lovely summer and I am looking forward to seeing you in September. 


Mrs Pasdari smiley

Welcome to Year 6.MP4

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Year 5 Isolation


Unfortunately our class must self-isolate for the next few days and while I know this is not ideal, I am 100% confident that each and everyone of you superstars will still be able to grow your brains and succeed in our home learning.  Our learning will continue like it does normally in class with maths activities, English activities and a topic/science/PE/RE/wellbeing lesson however during our isolation I am sure you will be getting up to lots of other fun activities at home.  We will upload our classwork and different activities to our class webpage and Google Classroom each day - just try your best with these tasks.  We will also be holding a daily meeting each morning at 9:30am where we will complete a register and answer any questions you might have about today's work. 


Stay safe,

Mr Liddell, Mrs Reynolds-Smith & Miss Baker

If you have any questions or are wanting to send your work please email me daily at 

Daily Reading Groups with Mrs Reynolds-Smith

Achilles Heel

Achilles is the son of a king and a goddess and also the best warrior in Greece. So when Prince Paris claims Helen from a Greek King, and Troy declares war, everyone knows that Achilles will be vital to the Greek cause. With the help of the gods, can young Achilles lead his fellow countrymen to victory against the Trojans?


AH pt1.mp3

AH pt2.mp3

AH pt3.mp3

AH pt4.mp3

Odyssues and the Cyclops

After 10 years of battle, Odysseus and his men capture the city of Troy. They set sail for home. When they come upon an island, Odysseus is curious. He and some men climb the mountainside and enter a cave. Little do they know the cave is home to a giant Cyclopes! Will Odysseus and his men make it out alive?

Part 1.mp3

Part 2.mp3

Part 3.mp3

Jason and The Golden Fleece pt1.mp3

Jason, a young man seeking the magical Golden Fleece, sets on a voyage with a few of Greece's best warriors. On their perilous journey, the heroes fight a hydra, a few harpies and a skeleton army. Listen to Mrs Reynolds-Smith reading the Greek myth to find out some what happens to our Greek hero.

Jason and The Golden Fleece pt2.mp3

Jason and The Golden Fleece pt3.mp3

Daedalus and Icarus

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Welcome all to Year 5 - Summer.


Summer term already!  I hope everyone is well rested and ready for the term ahead.  We have lots of learning to complete in all subjects and by continuing to work on growing our brains and developing new skills: I am confident we will all have a successful summer term.  Keep up to date with our class by following us on Twitter @firsprimarysale #Year5NL.


Our curriculum highlights this term include:


- Maths-


  • Multiply proper fractions and mixed numbers by whole numbers, supported by materials and diagrams.
  • Compare and order fractions whose denominators are all multiples of the same number.

Place Value and Written methods

  • Solve problems involving multiplication and division, including using their knowledge of factors and multiples, squares and cubes.
  • Solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and a combination of these, including understanding the meaning of the equals sign.
  • Practise being able to order and compare numbers to at least 1,000,000 and determine the value of each digit.
  • Solve number problems and practical problems that involve rounding, Roman numerals and negative numbers.

Measures, Geometry and Statistics

  • Convert between different units of metric measure.
  • Solve problems involving converting between units of time.
  • Estimate and identify angles around a point and on a straight line.
  • Identify, describe and represent the position of a shape following a reflection or translation.
  • Estimate volume and capacity.
  • Draw given angles, and measure them in degrees (°)


- English-


  • Letter writing, looking at form style and content. Read a range of stories, exploring structure and language choice.
  • Exploring Greek Myths.
  • Exploring historical fiction.
  • Using short (silent) films to expand vocabulary and encourage expression of emotions (The Lost Thing).
  • Creating a Film, TV or Play script.

Non Fiction

  • Creating a Newspaper article focusing on use of reported speech and detail of accounts.


  • Looking at Syllable poetry including Haikus and Tankas.



Our topic this term is Ancient Greece.  We will be doing all manner of exciting things including learning about:

  • Mapping skills will be developed during this topic with a particular focus on Greece.
  • Comparing and contrasting time periods, climates and land use.
  • Study of historical events and the features of Greek architecture.


We expect children to read at home on a regular basis in year 5 and keep practising the rapid recall of their times tables up to 12x12. Each week, children will receive a piece of literacy home learning, a piece of maths home learning and fifteen spellings to learn.  Home learning is usually given out on a Friday and should be returned no later than Wednesday to enable us to mark and feedback. Children should wear their PE kits to school on a Thursday and bring their reading records to school on a Friday before reading books are changed each Monday.


Thank you for your continued support

Mr Liddell & Mrs Reynolds-Smith.

Clockwork by Philip Pullman

Each day we will read a chapter of our class book and add it below for you to enjoy.  So grab a hot-chocolate and sit back and relax

Clockwork page 84 to The End

Read by Mrs Morgans

Clockwork pages 81 to 84.mp3

Read by Mrs Morgans


By Mrs Reynolds-Smith


By Mrs Reynolds-Smith


By Mr Liddell

Part Two

By Mr Tumilty

Clockwork pages 40 to 45

By Mr Tumilty

Clockwork pages 36 to 39

By Mrs Reynolds-Smith

Clockwork page 30-35

By Mr Liddell

Clockwork pages 26 to 29

Clockwork pages 21 to 25

Clockwork pages 18, 19 , 20 & 21

By Mr Tumilty

Clockwork pages 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18.

Read by Mrs Reynolds-Smith

Clockwork page 11, 12 & 13

By Mr Liddell

Clockwork By Philip Pullman.mp3

Introduction by Mr Tumilty

Distance Learning 2021

Mrs Morgans' Y5 Zoom Comprehension Groups

Mrs Reynolds-Smith's Guided Reading Groups

PE Mr Liddell Twister demo video.mp4

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Sports Leader Workout

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Week Beginning 25.1.21

Monday's Spanish Lesson

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Week beginning 18.1.21

Week beginning 11.1.21


Please look at the 'Year 5 weekly plan' document first and that will tell you everything you need to know! 


Distance Learning 18.12.20

Art - As you all know, The Grinch is one of my favourite Christmas movies.  It always make me laugh when I watch it - In fact, I think I might re-watch it this afternoon.  Have a go using this art tutorial to draw your own picture of Mr Grinch.  You could always make it into a Christmas card for a family member or even an elderly neighbour who might feel lonely at this time of the year. 


P.E. - We have all been trying to make it to Lapland with our #LapstoLapland challenge.  We were so close to beating the other class and getting there first.  Your P.E. lesson for today is to complete the Christmas Elf workout using this link: I have spoken to Mrs Craig who will allow our reindeer to move on one step for each class member who completes the workout which means we will get to Lapland before the other Year5 class.  Good luck and have fun.


Distance Learning 17.12.20

English - Use the PowerPoint to write some interesting sentences about the picture of Tilly getting upto mischief.  Christmas is her favourite time of the year as she loves to play with the baubles hanging on the Christmas tree.

Maths - You have just won the lottery.  What would you spend your money on?  Practice using your column addition and subtraction skills to make your shopping list.  Be careful not to spend over £1,000,000 (1 Million).

Zoom Christmas Party - All you need is a pencil/pen and some paper.  Perhaps you might want to wear your Christmas jumper to help get you into the mood.


Meeting ID - 376 448 8121

password - xmas2020



You’ll need some after eight mints, pen or pencil and some paper. See you on the airwaves! 


Distance Learning 16.12.20

Your decoration could look something like this?

Remember that this week we are being ‘Creative’ and ‘Kind’ whilst remembering “it’s not what you can do for yourself, it’s what you can do for others.”


With that in mind, today I’d like you to get your creative juices flowing. Remember when we collected twigs outside, well we were going to make a Christmas decoration. So, I’d like you to use your imagination, and the natural resources around your house/garden, to create a decoration of your choice. Take a photo and send it to me!


We are delighted to include a link to Rapunzel The Lockdown pantomime resources.
Please follow this link to access the resources:


PM - Following on from all our wonderful literacy work over the past 2/3 weeks, we were planning on watching ‘A Christmas Carol” (the one with Jim Carey in) this afternoon so, put your comfortable clothes on, get some popcorn, dim the lights and settle in to watch a real classic! 

Distance Learning 15.12.20


English - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Poetry.  Read the famous poem before you begin and use a dictionary to check the meaning of any words you are not sure about.  Use the PowerPoint to help you plan your own Christmas poem similar to Clement Clarke Moore.  I have also included a sheet which will help you plan your poem - it can be as long or as short as you can make it.  If you are having a wobble trying to make it rhyme, don't worry, not all poems rhyme.  Just try your best.


Maths - Addition and Subtraction problems.  Read each question carefully before you try to answer them.  I have included the answers on the last page of the Powerpoint - but no peeking until you have tried to answer each question.  Just give them your best shot.


ICT - Coding.  Use the link in the PowerPoint to create your own Dance Party.  If we can't have our class party in person, we can still have an electronic party on 

Year 5 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn

Year 5 - Home Learning Timetable (Example)

Distance Home Learning Task 4

Distance Home Learning Task 4

Distance Home Learning Task 3

Distance Home Learning Task 3

Distance Home Learning Task 2

Distance Home Learning Task 2

Distance Home Learning Task 1

Distance Home Learning Task 1

Home Learning - Time Capsule

Go-To Art Activities

Here are a range of fun Art activities that you can try out at home! 

Year 5 Mindset Movie

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Here is a copy of the new Numeracy Framework for Y5 to help you understand what your child will be learning and when.

Here is a copy of the Year 5 expectations - this covers what children will be learning throughout the year in Reading, Writing and Maths.