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Year 6 Mr Pasdari

Happy New Year!


I hope all children and adults are well-rested and had a lovely festive holiday with their loved ones within their households eating too many chocolates and sweets! We have missed you all and are looking forward to seeing all of your faces, whether that be in person or online during this time as this Spring term will be a different one to what we are all used to. Hopefully we can still continue growing our brains and enjoy the learning we can achieve by embracing new challenges this term.  Don't forget you can keep safe by staying at home as much as possible and washing your hands too!


Regarding home-leanring, each Monday there will be an uploaded timetable of activities that we expect you to complete with a follow up weekly class zoom to check and review the weeks' tasks planned in as well.


We will also be uploading work and timetables to Google classroom as it will be easier to share and discuss your work. All pupils have their account details in their reading records and Mrs Gilbert will be making contact this week to ensure you have everything you need for home learning in terms of resources and logins. If there are any questions or queries then please contact me directly at and I will endevour to reply as soon as possible but please be aware that all staff members will be working in school throughout the day and will only be able to reply after standard school hours.


I'm looking forward to seeing you all! Stay safe.


Thank you for your continued support

Mr Pasdari, Mrs. Nolan, Mr. Blake & Mrs Gilbert

Maths- Tuesday multiplying fractions by fractions

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Science for 29.01.21

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Thursday 7th January- Maths

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Welcome to #Year6KP

Year 6 work timetable for w.b. 19/10/20


It's the final day of the week! Hope you enjoy today's learning. Well done for all the fantastic work you have done at home. It has been great to hear that so many of you have been working your way through the tasks and growing your brains along the way. We are all proud of you. Have a lovely half-term holiday and see you all on Monday 2nd November.

Maths guidance video for prime numbers

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Mrs Gilbert's breathing exercise.MP4

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How lucky are we that we have Mrs. Gilbert to show us our Friday breathing exercise? Enjoy!


We hope that you have found the tasks straight-forward to follow and that you have continued growing your brains from home! It has been lovely to receive the work you have been completing over the past 2 days. Keep it up Year 6!

Maths video guidance for common factors

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Happy Wednesday everyone! Today will be day 1 of guided reading sessions over Zoom with Mrs Gilbert or Mr Blake. We hope you all have an enjoyable day challenging yourselves with the work we have set!

Thaumatrope guide.mp4

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Introduction to Victorian toys and tasks for thaumatrope making

Maths guidance video for factors

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It's day 1 of working from home. I hope you are all ready to challenge yourselves with today's work and grow your brains!

Hi Year 6!


We hope all pupils and their families are all well and healthy during this challenging time and we would all much rather see everyone’s cheery faces in school rather than being at home. It is important to know that during this period of closure it is vital that all children’s brains continue to grow and that the routine and structure of school continues at home as best as possible. Both Year 6 classes have made an enthusiastic start to Year 6 and we hope that the work we have prepared for this time at home is exciting and rewarding to complete! 


Zoom meetings will be arranged in the week and each child will receive details for a Guided Reading session with Mrs Gilbert or Mr Blake in a small group; as well as a separate well-being related zoom call with Mr Pasdari or Mrs Nolan. Any wobbles with work can be mentioned here and class teachers will ensure concepts are fully explained.


There is a suggested timetable for the next few days that will closely resemble a standard school day and will include starter tasks, maths, English, breathing exercises and various topic work that will all be part of the Year 6 curriculum. Slides, videos and work will be posted each day. As well as this work, there are also various tasks to complete on the ‘Distance learning’ section of the school website which will also challenge children’s knowledge across the curriculum.


In addition, as a school we have invested in a number of online learning platforms across the curriculum to help keep our student's brains engaged. All children have access to Bug club, Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars (at the back of their reading records).  If you do not have a login or experience any difficulties using these please email us for assistance. 


Any work completed that can be emailed can be sent directly to either:



We look forward seeing you again soon. Enjoy your time with your family and stay safe! 


Mr Pasdari, Mrs Nolan, Mrs Gilbert and Mr Blake

Welcome to Year 6!

We hope that you have all had a safe and rewarding time with your families during the summer break; we are really looking forward to returning as we have missed you all! We realise that the last six months will have been different for everyone and want to reassure you that we will be doing our best to make your time back at Firs as safe and familiar as possible. Miss Turner and Mr. Leigh have made thorough checks and changes to the school in order to make it as safe a learning environment as possible for us all. We understand that it has been a challenging time for children and grown-ups and the well-being of our children is particularly important to us. For the first few weeks of getting used to the changes around school, we will also be spending time talking about our feelings with our aim of children overcoming any wobbles we have over returning to school and to instil a positive mindset to the year ahead! It will be a priority for us to catch up with learning which has been missed during lockdown and continue having fun with our learning throughout the year.


This will be the final year our Year 6 pupils will be with us and we aim to ensure that all the children continue to achieve their potential in Year 6 through growing their brains, making beautiful oopses and seeing wobbles as a positive way to learn from. As the oldest children at the Firs Primary, this is an important year for them and I hope they all enjoy the year and work hard in achieving their potential to become strong independent learners. Remember... practise makes MORE perfect!


This term we are focusing on the Victorian period and what life was like living in Victorian England. There are many interesting facts to discover and learn about and children will be asked to engage in personal research projects later in the term, such as: child workers, technological advancements or crime and punishment!


It is important they build on solid foundations from previous years and work hard to help prepare for life at high school. It will be extremely helpful if you are able to continue to support your child at home by continually monitoring reading and progress with any home learning tasks, such as spelling. Additional Bug club (reading) and Mathletics (maths) passwords will be provided to each child in the back of their Reading Records.


Our weekly routine will be...

  • Wednesdays- Homework books handed in with completed homework tasks.
  • Friday- Children should arrive in school in full P.E. kits (yellow t-shirts, black shorts or tracksuit bottoms during the Winter months and trainers or black pumps). Regular school uniform is not required on this day. Children will also receive their homework on Fridays with tasks to be completed at home.
  • Friday- Reading records will be checked and book changing will take place each Friday.  


Make sure you follow @firsprimarysale and search @Year6KP to keep track on all the fun activites and interesting work we produce each week!


I will be in contact with any specific dates and details of any up and coming events but please do not hesitate to contact me about anything relating to school life. Finally we'd like to welcome Mr. Blake to our Year 6 team who will be working closely with all children to support them with their learning each day.


Many Thanks,

Mr Pasdari, Mrs Nolan, Mrs Gilbert, Mr Blake and Mrs Lawrence

Y6 Autumn Curriculum Overview 2020

Here is a copy of the new Numeracy Framework for Y6 to help you understand what your child will be learning and when.

Here is a copy of the Year 6 expectations - this covers what children will be learning throughout the year in Reading, Writing and Maths.

Breathing exercises with Mrs. G

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Mrs. Gilbert has used her expertise in all things well being and yoga and has created an extremely helpful video for us that will help us develop some breathing exercises that will help calm us and clear our thoughts when we may be finding it difficult to relax. The exercises are easy to do and can be done anywhere in the house on your own or even with your family. It won't take long! I am sure you will make great use of the video and thank you Mrs. Gilbert for creating it all :)

How our school is safe for us

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We have made a short video outlining all the changes to our school day that allows us to be safe in school allowing us to learn and have fun safely with our friends (2m apart of course!). Enjoy!

Year 6 - Summer 1 - Home Learning Timetable

Distance Well-being Home Learning

Distance Home Learning (Year 6)

Hello Year6KP!


What a strange time we all find ourselves in! I hope you are all taking advantage of the extra family time you have and are trying out some new games, instruments and skills to impress everyone at home. Myself, Mrs. Nolan and Mrs. Gilbert are missing you all very much and are sad we don't get to see you all each day. 


Remember that as well as spending valuable time with family and having a well-deserved Easter break (make sure you eat ALL the chocolate btw), you try and get yourselves into a routine that includes some home-learning. Have a look at the suggested home-learning timetable as it might help give you some ideas and you have the Year 6 CGP books for maths and reading, as well as all of your login details for Mathletics, Bug Club, Coding and Spag! There is also a fun home-learning project about out amazing city of Manchester on the class page full of different tasks that will keep you busy.


Completing just a small amount each day will go along way before we all go back to normality! I'm looking forward to the day that I can see you all once more! Stay safe everybody. I'd love to see the fantastic work you complete, so please send it to me on


Mr. Pasdari

Go-To Art Activities

Here are a range of fun Art activities that you can try out at home! 

Year 6 Mindset Video

Uploaded by Daniel Taylor on 2019-01-17.

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