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Provision and Support

Provision and Support


Specific provision is also provided for different areas of need. If you require further information we would urge you to contact the school or arrange a time to visit and have a look around our provision.

If you have any concerns about your child’s SEND progress or provision we would urge you to come into school and discuss matters further with your child’s class teacher, SENCO or the Pastoral Manager. Alternatively the Senior Leadership Staff would also be available to help. Although we would always hope to resolve any issues or concerns informally by working in partnership with parents, school complaints procedures are in place.

Small Specialist Class (SSC)


There are 10 pupils in the class with one teacher and two teaching assistants. All pupils have a statement or Education Health Care (EHC) plan for a range of special educational needs including difficulties on the autistic spectrum, learning, sensory and developmental difficulties. Staff are experienced and trained in the particular specialism of the class as well as general special and additional needs. Pupils from the SSC often spend time in the bigger classes in the school when they show themselves able to cope with the social and educational demands of the mainstream class in particular areas of the curriculum. Pupils from the SSCs are fully integrated into the general life of the school.

SSC environment

Communication and interaction support/provision

Cognition and Learning support/provision

Social, Mental and Emotional Health support/provision

Sensory and/or Physical support/provision