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Firs Primary School

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School Council

We recognise the importance of children’s voice and we use our school council to involve our children in the decision making process. Each class elects a representative in a formal election that takes place during the first weeks of the academic year. All children are able to stand for election and are allowed to vote. The prospective school council representatives can prepare a persuasive presentation or speech to convince their classmates of their suitability for the role. 

Here is an example of how our year 3 pupils voted for their school council representative. 

Mrs Griffiths works with these children to help drive the school forward, promoting British Values and children’s rights. Our school council meets on a regular basis with our teachers and leadership team to help make decisions about projects and events that help to improve the school and wider community for everyone. 



Firs School Council Podcast


We have been working hard on a new initiative as School Council.  We have shared what we get up to during our meetings with the rest of the school by planning and recording podcasts. Take a look at our most recent podcasts below!

Firs School Council Podcast Episode 1

Firs School Council Podcast Episode 2- The Roots

Firs School Council Podcast Episode 3- British Values

Eco- Schools Project 2024


The School Council are excited to introduce their new project!


From February 2024-July 2024, we will be working collaboratively with pupils and the local community on a youth-led, environmental action program. Children will be making their own decisions to try and achieve the Eco-Schools Green Flag award. 


At Firs, we already prioritise looking after our environment but we would like to try and extend our hard work and knowledge to the local community. 


We look forward to sharing our ideas and success with you. 


Miss Murphy & School Council

British Values Project

The School Council are working with Mrs Taylor - Our British Value Lead, on promoting British Values throughout the School. 


We aim to ensure that all children can develop their understanding of what the British Values are and help them become valuable and fully rounded members of society who treat others with respect.


We have started this project by taking part in a Children's Training session alongside 600 other schools across England run by 'Picture News', where we have learned in detail what each British Value entails and how we can help to promote these throughout different year groups. 


Following on from this we are going to be working with Miss Murphy to create and deliver a KS1 and KS2 assembly to pass on the information we have learned and gain an understanding of how we can continue to develop British Values in our School. 

School Council Representatives 2023-2024


Year 1 Cherry- Stanley

Year 1 Lime- Ella


Year 2 Chestnut- Mark

Year 2 Hazel- Lily

Year 2 Walnut- Bryony


Year 3 Beech- Scarlett

Year 3 Elder- Isaac

Year 3 Maple- Ethan


Year 4 Aspen- Layla

Year 4 Poplar- Alexikai

Year 4 Rowen- Jake


Year 5 Juniper- Kevin

Year 5 Laurel- Maya

Year 5 Redwood- Eri


Year 6 Hawthorn- Daniya

Year 6 Magnolia- Isam

Year 6 Sycamore- Sam


S2 Cedar- Tai

School Council 2022-2023

School Council for 22-23:


Y1 Lime - Hadley

Y1 Apple - Paisley 

Y2 Walnut - George 

Y2 Chestnut - Ayah

Y2 Hazel - Molly Mae

Y3 Elder - JJ

Y3 Beech - Bonnie

Y4 Aspen - Bella 

Y4 Rowan - Caleb 

Y4 Poplar - Moeen

Y5 Laurel - Mubshara

Y5 Juniper - Mo

Y6 Magnolia - Spencer 

Y6 Hawthorn - Dabira 

School Council 2021 - 22


School Council enjoyed a busy year in 21-22. Alongside our half termly meetings, we visited St Mary's Primary School in Sale to gather inspiration for our active playtimes initiative, we had a sneak peek of our school expansion with a visit to the Conlon site offices and we participated in the Sale West Climate Crisis Conference. This final event gave us the opportunity to share the challenges associated with our recent school expansion work and our plans for the school's future. 

School council minutes 09.07

School Council Minutes 27.02.19

School Council Minutes 15.01

School Council Minutes 13.11

School Council minutes 16.10